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WayPay Release Notes 2.4 - Oct 2018
WayPay Release Notes 2.4 - Oct 2018

Published October 29, 2018

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The following highlights the recent changes that have been made to the WayPay platform as part of Release 2.4. The changes that have been made includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes. With the addition of new features, enhancements and bug fixes, there is no major impact to existing functionality.

The following new capabilities have been added to WayPay platform:

A) Supplier Payment Aggregation

B) Supplier Mass Update

C) Optical Character Recognition

D) Support for Sage 300 Clients

A) Supplier Payment Aggregation

Supplier Payment Aggregation would help users of WayPay Accounts Payable solution to aggregate multiple payments which are due to a specific supplier as a single consolidated payment instead of individual payments. 

Conditions for Supplier Payment Aggregation to Work

  1. Supplier is enabled for Supplier Payment Aggregation

  2. Multiple invoices for a specific supplier are part of the same order

  3. All the invoices for the specific supplier have the same payment method 


  1. Expand/Collapse – To view and/or hide individual invoices which have been aggregated, the expand or collapse functionality can be used.

  2. Un-group/Group – If required, individual invoices can be un-grouped from the consolidated payments in the payment order. Alternatively, if the un-grouped invoice needs to be clubbed back with the consolidated invoices, it can be done as well. The option to Group and Un-group an invoice can be found under Actions (screenshot below).



For aggregated supplier payments the Payment Report and Fee Report would have details of individual invoices and the consolidated total as well. These reports can be downloaded. 

B) Supplier Mass Update

WayPay Accounts Payable customers (buyers) can use the Mass Update feature to do the following

  1. Update supplier contact information in bulk

  2. Add a new payment method for multiple suppliers and update in bulk

Steps to Follow

  1. Download the Supplier Template (This template has the details of all the suppliers that the buyer has)

  2. Update the contact details of the supplier or add a new payment method for a supplier and save the file

  3. Upload the file and select the record that needs to be updated and save

C) Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Adding Bank Account

With OCR, customers can easily add a bank account (funding source) by uploading a picture of their cheque from their computer or by clicking a picture of the cheque using the mobile phone. OCR technology helps to extract the following information from the cheque and auto populate the following fields 

  1. Institution Number

  2. Transit Number

  3. Account Number

  4. Branch Address

D) WayPay-Sage 300 Integration

WayPay has integrated with Sage 300 to help businesses using Sage 300 to automate their payment and reconciliation process by connecting to WayPay.

Steps to Follow

  • Sign up as a business on WayPay and select Sage 300 as the accounting platform

  • While the company profile is being set up, an email with the link to download the connector shall be sent to the registered email address

  • Download and install the connector

  • Sign in and connect

  • Sync the following to automate payments and reconciliation

  • Bank accounts from which payment has to be made

  • Vendors

  • Approved invoices

  • Pay vendors from WayPay account

  • Sync WayPay and Sage 300 using the connector so that the completed payment details are available in Sage 300.

  • Reports are available in WayPay for all payments made

To know more about WayPay-Sage 300 integration please get in touch with WayPay Sales at  

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