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Importing Suppliers From Your Accounting Software
Importing Suppliers From Your Accounting Software
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In this video you will learn how to import supplier information from your connected accounting software.

WayPay allows you to import a large number of suppliers all at once, if you wish. This requires you to have your accounting software connected to the WayPay system.

To begin, go to Suppliers > Mass Import

At the bottom of the page, you will see Import From Accounting Platform with your accounting software's importing button.

Simply click on the Import Suppliers button and confirm you want all your suppliers imported from your accounting software.

WayPay will sync all your suppliers while you continue your work. WayPay will send you an email notification once the sync is complete.

Once all the suppliers have been imported, a pop-up will also appear to let you know. You may notice that some supplier records require your attention and duplicates will not by synced. You can review these suppliers now or choose to do so later.

Suppliers can be considered Attention Needed based on a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is that there is no payment information associated with the supplier.

You can manually enter payment information, using the Payment Method drop down menu.

Alternatively, you can select one or multiple suppliers to email the supplier and request the payment information to be provided by the supplier. This will allow the supplier to enter their payment information directly.

You can also simply leave the payment section blank.

At the time of transaction, WayPay will give you the option to email the supplier. When the supplier receives the email, it will notify them that a payment is ready to be made if they provide their payment information. Once the payment information is entered, the amount will be deposited directly to their account.
There's a tutorial on how to do that as well, click here to see how that process works.

You have now learned how to import a supplier and do a mass import by syncing your accounting software!

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