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Platform Enhancements- Release Notes
WayPay Release Notes 2.6 - Jul 2020
WayPay Release Notes 2.6 - Jul 2020

WayPay Platform Changes as of July 4, 2020

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We are constantly working to improve your WayPay experience, here is a summary of changes which would be effective July 4, 2020

Supplier Payment Processing & Cut-Off time

For order submission, we have introduced a new morning cut-off time 11:30 am EST in addition to the existing afternoon cut off time of 4:30 pm EST. This allows us to send payments to your suppliers so they can access their funds faster. Note: It is up the supplier’s bank to give supplier access to funds.

With the introduction of automated payment processing, please note the following

  1. After the cut-off time, the payments submitted for processing is considered final, is irrevocable and cannot be cancelled.

  2. As long as you meet the order submission cut-off time, supplier payment timelines are not affected

  3. To avoid delays in processing, it is important that you verify your supplier’s banking information and method prior to submitting your payment order.

WayPay Wallet Funding & Funds Availability

When funding your WayPay Wallet, the available balance in the wallet will be automatically updated daily at 12:30 pm EST. Depending on the funding source used to add funds to the wallet the lead time to fund the wallet remains the same.

Bill Payments

The list of available payees for bill payments has been updated by WayPay, this will be updated on a regular basis and will be available to you in real-time.

To avoid delays in bill payments, when adding a payee (supplier) for bill payment:

  1. Under the Business Name field, type the first 3 letters of the business name and you will be shown a suggestive list of payees from which you can select the right payee.

  2. Select CAD as the currency and Bill Payment as the payment method

  3. For Vendor, again type the first 3 letters of your payee/service provider name. For example, for Rogers Cable, type ROG and select Rogers Cable from the list.

  4. Account # will be your account number with that service provider. Please ensure that the correct account number is provided here

Any bill payment payees which were added manually by you before July 4th will not be available under your suppliers.

  1. In case any of your previously added bill payment payee is not available under list of suppliers, as a one-time activity, you will be required to add the supplier again as mentioned above.

  2. If your bill payment payee (supplier) added by you has been affected by this change, we will reach out to you with details on steps that you need to follow for future bill payments.

  3. If you wish to retain payment details associated with affected payees, you can do so by downloading payment reports via Payments >> Payment Report on your WayPay portal before July 4th.

Important Action Item – Update and Verify Contact Information

For your protection and security we require all users to update and verify your mobile phone number that is on your WayPay profile. This is mandatory for any users who approve orders.

To verify your mobile phone number follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Sign into WayPay

  2. Click settings gear icon

  3. Select Manage Profile

  4. Select User Settings and you will be taken to User Information page

  5. Click Verify if the mobile number is correct, or click change and update the number and then click Verify (very important)

Note: After clicking “Verify” a window will open up and a verification code will be sent to your mobile number, input the verification code on screen and click Submit to add your number as Verified.

Additional Information:

For additional information please search for articles on WayPay’s Help Page.

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