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How do I sign up on WayPay?
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To sign up on WayPay, follow these steps

Step 1 - Visit and click Sign Up

Step 2 - Select whether you are a Business or Accounting/Bookkeeping Firm

Step 3 - Select the Accounting Software that you use

Step 4 - Provide the following information

  • First Name and Last Name of the person creating the account

  • Email that will be used to sign in to WayPay account

  • Phone Number (optional)

  • Company Name or the Legal Business Name of the company that would be set up

  • Create and Confirm Password, please ensure to set up a minimum 10-character password with at least one upper case, one lower case and one special character

  • Promotional Code, in case you have received any from WayPay (optional)

Step 5 - Save the information that you have provided by clicking Get Started
​Step 6 - You will receive a Welcome Email with instructions to set up your account

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