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How do I complete my WayPay profile?
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Once you receive the Welcome Email from WayPay, click the link in the email to set up your account. You will be required to complete the following five sections:

1. Business Profile

In this section, you will need to provide basic information about your business, business address and contact information.

Note: Providing latest, accurate and complete information will help WayPay to verify and activate your account sooner.

While providing the business address, you can either type your business name or full address (including suite number, if any) and our system will show you a list of addresses which are a close match. Select the correct address from the list (PO Boxes are not accepted).

2. Identification

WayPay requires two pieces of government issued photo identification of the director/officer/owner of the business; this is required to verify your account. Acceptable forms of identification include passport or driver’s licence. 

You will have to upload photo identification of the person who has authority to bind the corporation.

Note: If you are the not the owner of the identification documents, you can delegate this section to the right person by clicking Delegate. To know more about the delegate feature, click here. 

3. Agreement(s)

Agree and accept WayPay Terms of Service (Agreement 1) to use WayPay platform and associated services. Click here to view WayPay Terms of Service

Additionally, if you would like to make international payments, you will be required to agree and accept Agreement 2 as well.

The  person authorized to bind the corporation will have to sign to complete this section. 

Note: If you do not have the authority to complete this section and bind the corporation, you can delegate this section to the right person by the clicking Delegate. To know more about the delegate feature, click here.

4. Funding Source

You will be required to add a bank account to make payments to suppliers, vendors or contractors. Any of your existing Canadian bank account(s) can be added as a funding source. 

Click here to know how you can add a funding source (bank account).

5. Suppliers

Import suppliers or contractors from your accounting software to pay them.

Check out below links to know how you can import suppliers from your accounting software.

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