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Connecting Your Accounting Software to WayPay Account
What options does WayPay provide me to manage connection to my accounting software(s)?
What options does WayPay provide me to manage connection to my accounting software(s)?
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WayPay provides you the following capabilities:

  1. Add Connection – Add and establish connection to one of the supporting accounting softwares.

  2. Sync – For data exchange between the connected accounting software and WayPay account.

  3. Date Selection – By default this would be set at 30 days, if you would like to sync data beyond 30 days, you can use this feature to select the date from which the data in accounting software should sync with WayPay account. 

  4. Last Synced At – To view the date and time of the last data sync.

  5. Set Preferred Connection – If there are more than one accounting softwares connected to your WayPay account, then this option will help you to set a preferred connection. The preferred connection will show on the dashboard.

  6. Disconnect – This will disconnect between the connection between your accounting software and WayPay account. However, this will not delete the connection and the connection will be visible on the dashboard and under Third Party Integrations.

  7. Reconnect – You can use this to reconnect to an accounting software which was disconnected.

  8. Delete – In the event that you would want to disconnect and delete connection to your accounting software, you can use this option. If you delete a connection, it will no longer appear on the dashboard or under Third Party Integrations. In case, you would like to connect to the deleted accounting software again, you can do so using Add Connection feature.

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