How can I add suppliers to my WayPay account?
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You can add suppliers in two ways:

1. Manually

Suppliers can be added under Suppliers >> Add a Supplier. Follow the on-screen instructions to add a supplier. If you add a payment method for the supplier, you will find the supplier either under Corporation or Individual tab under Manage Suppliers depending on what supplier type you selected while adding the supplier. In case you chose to request payment method information from the supplier, the supplier will be found under Attention needed tab till the supplier provides payment method information or you add a payment method manually in the meantime.

Note: Suppliers added manually will not sync with your accounting software.

2. Mass Import

If you have many suppliers and want to save time by adding all of them at once, Mass Import is the feature that you should use. You can find the feature under Suppliers >> Mass Import.

If you have already connected to an accounting software, you will have an option to Import from Accounting Platform. You can click the button Import Suppliers to import all suppliers from accounting software.

If you have not connected an accounting software to WayPay, you can download a Supplier Template, fill it up with relevant details; if you have any questions, there is a Helpful Summary which you can refer when filling this template. Upload the completed file and all the suppliers will be added to your WayPay account. Please note that suppliers added this way will not sync with your accounting software.

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