WayPay has expanded from two to four pre-defined roles.

1. Super Admin

  • The user who creates the WayPay account will automatically be assigned the permissions of a Super Admin role

  • Super Admin has full access to the portal features and can perform any function in the portal including adding any other user, approve payments and make changes to the business profile

  • Users who were previously ‘Admins’ would become ‘Super Admins’

2. Admin

  • Admin can perform most functions in the portal with the exception of adding new users, roles and user groups

  • If any user was delegated any task (using the Delegate feature), would also become an Admin

3. Approver

Approvers will be able to approve payment orders, add or edit suppliers, and bank accounts 

4. Data Entry Clerk

Data Entry Clerk has the ability to view all payables and create an order 

Please refer the table below to see the permissions attached to each of the pre-defined roles

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