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How do I add and manage users on WayPay?
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Only Super Admins have access to this feature. To manage users, click the settings gear icon and follow Manage Access >> Users. You will be taken to Manage Users page where you can view the list of all existing users and you will also be able to add, edit or delete users.

1. Add User

Follow these steps to add a new user

  1. On Manage Users page, click Add User

  2. Provide/select 

  3. User’s Name – First Name, Last Name

  4. User’s Email – An email with instructions to set up credentials will be sent to this email address

  5. User’s Phone Number – Please provide user’s mobile number

  6. Language – You can select between English and French. A user for whom French was selected will receive notifications in French and the user will see a French portal

  7. Approver Code – Though optional, approver code will be required by users who have the permission to approve payment orders. Super Amin will have to create an approver code and communicate it with the user who will be approving orders. Approver Code will be value between 4 to 6 numeric digits

  8. User Groups – Select the role that you would like to assign to the user

2. Edit User

To edit an existing user, on the Manage Users page click the pencil icon. You will be able to edit all user information except the email address. User’s current role would be highlighted by a tick mark beside it.

3. Delete User

To delete a user, on the Manage Users page select the user and click the bin icon which says ‘Delete selected rows’.

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