Only Super Admins have access to this feature. To manage roles, click the settings gear icon and follow Manage Access >> Roles. You will be taken to Manage Roles page where you can view the list of all roles and the users assigned to each role. On this page you will be able to add, edit or delete roles.

1. Add Role

Follow these steps to add a new role

  1. On Manage Roles page, click Add Role

  2. On Add Role page, do the following

  • Name – Give a name for the Role, for example Accountant, Auditor etc

  • Allowed Actions – Select list of actions that this role can perform (create, edit, read and/or delete)

  • Permissions – Select the permissions that you want to give this role.

  • Click Add role to save the new role

2. Edit Role

To edit an existing role, on the Manage Roles page click the pencil icon. You will be able to edit the Name, Allowed Actions and Permissions assigned to the role. Once edits have been made click Update to save the changes.

3. Delete Role

To delete a Role, on the Manage Roles page select the role and click the bin icon which says ‘Delete selected rows’. Please note that you will not be allowed to edit a role which has a user assigned to it.

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