If you face this issue, please ensure that you follow these steps before saving supplier payment information. Given below is an example of Direct Deposit (EFT), if you select any other payment method for your supplier, the steps would be very similar, but the fields will vary based on the selected payment method.

1. Select Supplier

Under Attention Needed tab, please select the supplier that you would like to update.

2. Verify Supplier's Address

To verify supplier's address from the list of addresses

  1. Enter supplier's address

  2. Select the correct address from the list

  3. Confirm the address

3. Enter Financial Institution Number

Enter the financial institution number and select the correct institution from the list

4. Enter Transit Number

  1. Enter Transit Number

  2. Move your cursor (or Tab) to the Account Number field, the system will prompt you to confirm the bank branch based on the Transit Number you entered

  3. Confirm the branch

5. Enter Account Number and Save

  1. Enter Account Number and click Save and the payment information will be saved

  2. Depending on the type of supplier, you will be able to find the supplier either under Corporation or Individuals tab 

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