In case your QBO account is disconnected from your WayPay account, you can follow these steps to reconnect your accounts.

IMPORTANT: Only a QBO Admin will be able to connect/reconnect a QBO and WayPay account

Step 1: Click the settings gear icon in the top right corner and follow Manage Profile > Third Party Integrations.

Step 2:
On the Third Party Integrations page, you will be able to see your existing QBO account connection. Click the Reconnect button to connect your QBO account to WayPay.

Step 3:
You will be prompted to sign in to QBO and then connect WayPay to your QBO account.

Step 4:
Once the connection is successful, you will be directed to the Third Party Integrations page of your WayPay account.

Step 5:
On the Third Party Integrations page, you will see that your QBO account is connected to WayPay, and instead of a Reconnect button, you will now see a Sync button.

Step 6: Click on Dashboard and you will now be able to see your QBO connection on Dashboard as well. You can click Sync to sync data between WayPay and QBO.

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