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What information is shared between Xero and WayPay?
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Only information necessary to process the accounts payables is transmitted to WayPay, no personal information is shared.

When you sync Xero and WayPay, the following data exchange happens:

1. To WayPay

  • Outstanding payables/bills from Xero is transmitted to WayPay account and can be found under Payments > Outstanding Payables. The information includes supplier name, currency, amount, reference, due date, accounting software name and invoice, if any.

  • Suppliers who have outstanding payables/bills is transmitted to WayPay account and can be found at Suppliers > Manage Suppliers under Attention Needed tab. The information includes supplier name, address and email, if any

2. To Xero

  • Paid bills from WayPay account is transmitted back to your accounting software and the payment is closed as Paid in the accounting software. The information includes WayPay reference number, amount, payment status, payment date and funding source information.

Below diagram illustrated how data flows between Xero and WayPay:

To know more about your accounting software’s Data Sharing Policy please check your accounting software website.

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