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Concur Integration Discontinuation - FAQs
Concur Integration Discontinuation - FAQs
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WayPay is continually evolving our digital roadmap and reviewing integrations to ensure we are providing the most effective solutions to our customers. As a result of a recent review, WayPay will be discontinuing the integration with Concur. WayPay and Concur continue to have a strong relationship and will explore opportunities to work together to serve our client base better in the future.

Why is the integration no longer available?

The service did not meet all of the service requirements of the majority of our clients.

When will the service stop?

July 31st, 2020

Are there any alternatives for me to continue to use the service?

Yes. If you are currently utilizing the Concur integration feature, you can import a CSV file extract from Concur and upload it into WayPay. Your service experience in WayPay will be the same once the file has been uploaded.

Can you share what the vision is for future development with Concur?

At this point there are no definitive plans.

Will my support team be the same?

Your WayPay Support team will remain unchanged. You can call (844) 692-7911 for support. Hours of service Mon-Fri 8a-8p ET.

How will this impact pricing?

Please call the WayPay Sales team at (844) 692-8580 for pricing questions.

Will discontinuation of Concur affect my vendor list currently set up in WayPay?

Your vendor list that is in WayPay will not be affected by the discontinuation of Concur. After July 31st, all new vendors will need to be set up as a vendor in WayPay and will no longer be able to be imported.

What happens to my existing data (reporting) in WayPay that was related to invoices to Concur?

All reporting provided within WayPay will continue to be available. All invoices that were synchronized prior to July 31st, or imported by CSV after July 31st will be available for reporting as they are today.

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