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Connecting WayPay to QuickBooks Desktop
How do I download and install the QuickBooks Web Connector?
How do I download and install the QuickBooks Web Connector?
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To install the connector, follow these steps

Step 1 - Download the QB Desktop App from the email 

Step 2 - Unzip the folder and extract all files to a folder

Step 3 - You will notice there are 3 files in the folder, right click on the second file as you can see in the screenshot and run as administrator. This file is to ensure that the framework components installed on your computer are up-to-date.

Step 4 - Before you install other two files, open your QuickBooks Desktop company file(company profile).

Note: Ensure that multi-user mode is enabled (Only QuickBooks admin user can enable multi-user mode by clicking >> File >> Select Switch to multi-user mode). With single user mode, WayPay will not be able to connect to your QBD profile 

Step 5 - In the folder where you extracted the installation files, right click on the QB Web Connector Installer file (third file) and run as administrator

Step 6 - Follow the prompts through the installation process. The installation will take several minutes to complete

Step 7 - In the extracted files folder, right click on the file ending in .qwc(first file) and open with QuickBooks Web Connector

Step 8 - QuickBooks Admin user will need to grant the application permission to read and modify the QuickBooks file. Open QuickBooks Desktop application and select ‘Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open’ in the prompt

Step 9 - Enter your WayPay password in the password field

Step 10 - There are two ways of syncing the data between QuickBooks Desktop and WayPay.

Manual Sync - To manually sync, place a check in the checkbox on the left and click Update Selected at the top of the QuickBooks Web Connector.

Auto Sync - If you would like the Web Connector to automatically sync, check the Auto-Run box and enter an interval (in minutes) in the Every-Min field. For example, if you would like sync to happen every 15 minutes, check the Auto-Run box and enter 15.

Step 11 - Sign into WayPay by clicking the link next to WayPay text in the application column. This will take you to your WayPay dashboard.

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