How do I approve or reject payment orders?
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To approve a payment order, you can follow the below steps

  1. Sign in to your WayPay account

  2. On the dashboard, click the orders under Pending Approval and you will be taken to all the orders for which approval is pending

  3. Select the order(s) which you would like to approve

  4. Under Actions button dropdown, select Approve to approve an order or select Cancel/Reject to reject an order

  5. Once you select Approve or Reject, you will be prompted to enter either an Authentication Code or an Approver Code

  6. Once you enter either the Authentication Code or Approver Code, the order will be approved or rejected based on the action that you selected

Alternatively, on the dashboard you can click Payments >> View All Orders and on View All Orders page, you can navigate to Pending Approval tab and follow steps 3 to 6 mentioned above.

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